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Names ARE important!

Recently someone asked me point blank why I chose the name Pinnacle for my professional counseling practice. She knew what I know.

Names are IMPORTANT! They bring an association between the name and the thing.

You hear or see a name and it automatically links to an image or thought of a person, place or thing you’ve seen or experienced. IF I say “Paris” you probably have an image of the Eiffel Tower or The Louvre. IF I say “Oreo” you may think of the Nabisco cookie, preferably double stuffed. Or perhaps you think of your neighbor’s cat called by that name.

When I became engaged to marry I wrote and rewrote the new name I would take on that special day in June. I began to disconnect myself from the title Miss and adjust to being half of a Mr. and Mrs. duo. Did you do that too?

Before each of our children were born we spent hours poring over baby names. What did the name mean? What was its origin? Did the middle name “fit” well? (If you’re curious it may be interesting one day to ask your mom or dad how they chose the name for you they did.)

Even as I was about to become a grandmother for the first time the name identity was Important. What did I want my grandchildren to call me?  Nana? MeeMaw? Meme? Granny? Grandma Jan, Grandma Laws? My son-in-law suggested a name he said was Hawaiian meaning “grey haired old lady who gives me stuff and bakes me cookies”. Scratched that off the list quickly….(I’ll never self-identify as old!)

When it came to choosing a name for my professional counseling practice the process required equal consideration. The name IS important. After sifting through dozens of possibilities I settled on Pinnacle.

As I see the name, it honors the hard work my clients will invest as they lift up from the situation that brings them to my office. Pinnacle reflects hope that reaching their goals is possible. The action of rising or lifting something up to higher point requires at least two people. Counseling works because of the non-judgmental relationship and trust that builds between client and therapist.

Finally, Pinnacle is often associated with the victory of reaching the top-most point of a conquered feat. None of us glides through life free of trials, obstacles or challenges. Many of the difficult seasons we face are daunting and emotionally disabling. Frankly we shouldn’t try to conquer them alone. Seeking help to rise up from a low point is courageous. 

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